About Us:

The Gov Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Ethics Center, in partnership with business and government, seeks to provide resources that will transform people, systems and structures of private and public organizations towards ethical behavior. It will also work with academic institutions so that together with them education can be used as a tool for effecting societal changes.

Program of Activities

The Gov. Jose B. Fernandez, Jr. Ethics Center seeks to implement its objectives through the following program of activities:

Curriculum Design and Integration: Design ethics courses and integrate ethics in functional areas of professional programs, and train faculty to implement these;

Training: Conduct seminars and workshops for companies, local government units, national government agencies and others;

Research: Develop local case studies, and teaching materials; conduct studies to better understand ethical behavior in the country in view of solutions to persistent ethical problems;

Networking: Provide linkages between the academe and private and public institutions          (e.g. businesses, government, NGOs, etc.) as well as serve as contact center for regional ethics centers from different countries;