The AGSB maintains that research adds value to the interests of its various stakeholders the students, faculty, practicing managers and entrepreneurs, AGSB as an institution, and society as a whole. AGSB’s mission is principal element that drives the content and priorities of the school’s research agenda. As a work place-based institution, and given its mission focus on the business practitioner, AGSB’s research agenda focuses on practice-based research with the view to validating, enhancing and advancing the various disciplines of business and their pedagogy.

The AGSB classifies research into three types:

  • Discipline-based research — sometimes called basic research or the “scholarship of discovery; this type of research contributes to the stock of knowledge of business and management theory;
  • Applied research — or the “scholarship of application”; this type of research contributes to practice by applying knowledge directly to problems in business and management; and
  • Learning and pedagogical research — also referred to as the “scholarship of teaching”, this type of research pertains to the development of instructional materials.

In implementing its research policy and programs, AGSB is committed to ensure that the research outputs of the school conform to acceptable standards of quality and adhere to the principles of ethics and integrity.


AdMU Code of Ethics in Research

University Research Council Grants 2019