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Graduate Programs

Academic Policies


1.1  All students are responsible for their behavior in the campus and the class.

1.2  They should come to class in appropriate and decent attire expected of business and professional adult-learners.

1.3  The students are expected to prepare well for their classes.

1.4  Students who bring their pagers, cell phones, and other communication gadgets either on off or silence modes so as not to distract class proceedings.

1.5  All students are required to secure Identification Cards from the Registrar’s Office. These ID cards should be validated by the Registrar every item that the students is enrolled. Lost ID cards will be replaced after a formal request for replacement explaining circumstances behind the loss.

1.6  The ID cards should always be displayed when in the campus and in class. The ID cards are also required when using the library facilities.

1.7  Smoking in the classroom is strictly prohibited.

1.8  The students are part of the AGSB community and therefore should participate in student affairs like the Student Council activities.



2.1  Enrollment is usually scheduled at least one week before the start of classes. Students must enroll during this period to avoid payment of the late enrollment fee. Students who enroll part this period will be assessed a late enrollment fee.

2.2  Upon enrollment, the student must pay the tuition fee right away. Failure to pay on the day of registration will generally invalidate the earlier enrollment even if it is paid on the next day.

2.3  No reserved slots in the subjects are allowed under any condition as the policy of first-enrolled-first paid is strictly implemented.

2.4  Tuition fees may be paid in cash or check to be drawn in the name of the Ateneo de Manila University.

2.5  Credit cards are also accepted in payment of tuition fees.



3.1  Students are allowed to withdraw from their enrolled subjects due to conditions beyond their control immediately before the start of classes, or upon the start of classes, or up to the sixth week session of the enrolled subjects.

3.2  Withdrawals must be made officially through the completion of the three-part Withdrawal Form obtainable from the Office of the Registrar or from the Administrative Assistants in the various offsite campuses.

3.3  Withdrawals made before the start of classes or within the first week of the start of classes are usually approved with refunds of up to 80 percent of the tuition fee only. This means that other components of the matriculation assessments like registration fee, students activity fee, library fee, and so forth are forfeited.

3.4  Generally, no refunds are allowed if the withdrawal were officialized after the first week of classes. Exceptions are to be evaluated on a case-to-case basis based on meritorious grounds.

3.5  Students who are entitled to refunds of up to 80 percent may opt to get back the refund or defer it for the subsequent terms. In such a case, the student would only be paying the difference in the tuition assessments at the time of his or her subsequent re-enrollment in the future.

3.6  Processing of refunds to students would normally take at least one month from the time of filing. Refund checks can be claimed from the Cashier or from the Administrative Assistants of the offsite campuses.

3.7  Students who do not accomplish the required from for withdrawal will be given a grade of UNAUTHORIZED WITHDRAWAL (UW), which is equivalent to a failing mark of 1.0.

3.8  The Office of the Registrar must approve all withdrawal forms before they are considered official.

3.9  Withdrawal are assessed a minimal withdrawal fee to be paid to the Cashier or to the Administrative Assistant of the offsite campuses prior to the approval of the Office of the Registrar.



4.1  Unless officially announced and declared by government or by authorized school authorities, all classes are considered held for the day and reckoned as official class day.

4.2  Changes in schedules due to non-availability of professors and agreement of the students for valid reasons must be communicated to the Office of the Registrar to make sure that certain academic and administrative nuances are complied with.

4.3  If classes enrolled in by students are cancelled or dissolved due to low enrollment, the students concerned may transfer to other available subjects or in the absence of a subject to transfer to, may opt to claim a refund up to 100 percent of the tuition fee and the other miscellaneous fees or defer the amount for their future re-enrollment subject to the applicable provisions of the policy on withdrawal as shown above.

4.4  Change Schedule Forms are to be accomplished officially and approved by the Registrar after paying a minimal change schedule fee to the Cashier or to the Administrative Assistants of the offsite campuses. The forms are available form the Office of the Registrar or from the respective Administrative Assistants.



5.1  Generally, INCOMPLETE (INC.) grades are given to the students when they have not completed a major requirements of the subject or has failed to take the final examinations, The students who obtain INC. grade must remove this grade within five (5) days at the end of the term by completing the requirements or they will be required to repeat the subject because INC. grade not completed is equivalent to a failing mark of 1.0.

5.2  The retention of students in the program is based on the student’s cumulative Quality Point Index (QPI) result. The minimum QPI for retention is 2.0 provided that the student has not obtained a cumulative total of three (3) failing marks, in which case he or she will not be retained in the program. Appeals for reconsideration will be considered based on merit.

5.3  In case the student is not satisfied with the grade given by the professor, he or she must take up this issued with the professor concerned. If a change is to be made, the authorized Change Grade Form must be accomplished where the professor explains the reason for the change. A change grade fee is assessed before it becomes official and approved by the Registrar.

5.4  The student and the professor have 30 days after the release of the grade within which to agree on the change, if need be. The Registrar will no longer entertain any change beyond this period for whatever reasons.


6.1  Under this policy, a student is only allowed one (1) absence for Regis and three (3) absences for all other MBA programs in the subject enrolled in. Exceptions to this rule must be cleared with the Office of the Registrar and the professor and student concerned must agree on the remedial assignments and activities to be performed by the absent student. Where it becomes obvious that no amount of remedial work will add value to the student’s knowledge and where direct interaction with the other students is very critical as a learning outcome, it would be advisable to get the student to withdraw from the subject and enroll it again.

6.2  Tardiness is the responsibility of both the student and the professor. Classes start at the time it is scheduled unless changed by virtue of exigencies to be agreed upon between the professor and the students. Where tardiness is flagrant, it is advised that the professor takes notice and resolves the issue with the students.

The general rule is that tardiness should be reckoned as part of attendance and participation evaluation of the student in class.

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