What are the differences between the MBA Standard, the MBA Middle Managers, and the Ateneo-Regis MBA?

“MBA” “Standard” caters to young professionals, who have at least two years working experience, and who want to improve their managerial and leadership skills. It is student-paced in terms of loading of subjects. One can finish program in one and one half (1 1/2) to three (3) years depending on loads every trimester.

MBA Middle Managers is for middle managers who are trained to become more integrated in their leadership and managerial skills to help them assume key senior and CEO roles in the future. The program content is different as it requires more practicum and applied projects. It is completed in two (2) years.

Ateneo-Regis MBA caters to managers, supervisors and those with work experience for at least (5) five years and who can carry courses in an accelerated, intensive and hands-on fashion. It can be completed in one year & one term. The program uses a highly interactive methodology and allows students to interact with students taking a similar course in the partner school abroad. This in effect, makes the program of international standing.

How are the fees for each program different?

Each program has a total fee that is charged per subject every trimester. Click here (http://gsb.ateneo.edu/admission/schedule-of-fees/) for the Schedule of Fees.