Student Announcements

Resumption of Classes in the Rockwell Campus

Memo to ….. : …… AGSB Community
Memo from : (sgd.) Jowett Cecilio F. Magsaysay, MBA, PhD
Date : 13 October 2023
Subject : Resumption of Classes in the Rockwell Campus
Memo No. AGSB-OD-2324-010

Following yesterday’s announcement of the reopening of the Rockwell Campus by the Vice President for Higher Education, I am pleased to announce the resumption of classes, first in Rockwell next week, and then the satellite campuses within the school year.

  1. Resumptionof Flex MBA sessions in Rockwell

MBA courses will continue to be held both asynchronously, through the Canvas learning management system, and synchronously. The synchronous mode could be held in either Flex or videoconferencing.

  •  Flex sessions – synchronous sessions where students would be onsite, in the classroom while other students in the same class would be online at the same time – will resume on Tuesday, October 17.
  • Flex will be set at the course level between professor and students.
  • When you are able to enter the Canvas portion of your course, start monitoring the announcements and schedules for your class.
  • For each flex session, students can opt to go onsite in the Rockwell Campus or join via Zoom.This will continue to be the mode for the whole of the first trimester of MBA Standard, Middle Managers MBA, and MBA in Health, which ends on January 13, 2024; and through the first and second terms of Ateneo-Regis MBA, which ends on February 3, 2024.
  1. Campus Access

Quoting from Memo # U2324-061 from the Office of the President of the Ateneo De Manila University:

Campus Access: Pedestrians 

Pedestrians wishing to enter the campus must present any of the following at our campus access point:

  1. For employees and students of the University, employees of auxiliary units, employees of our concessionaires, and other regular visitors to the campus:  a valid ID that has been issued by the Ateneo or by one of our auxiliary units.
  1. For infrequent visitors to the campus:  any valid photo ID, for verification and recording in the security logbook. They will be issued visitor’s passes in exchange for this ID. 

Campus Access: Vehicles

  1. All vehicles with valid Ateneo gate pass stickers will be allowed to freely enter the campus regardless of number of passengers.
  1. Special lanes will be set aside for vehicles without valid gate pass stickers.  If at least one occupant can present a valid ID issued by the Ateneo or one of our auxiliary units, the vehicle can proceed to enter the campus.  Otherwise, at least one passenger must surrender a valid photo ID in exchange for a visitor’s pass, before being allowed to enter the campus.
  1. Delivery drivers and couriers (Grab, Food Panda, Lalamove, etc.) must show proof of booking and surrender a valid photo ID in exchange for a visitor’s pass before they can gain campus entry.

Additional notes for campus access:

For new students, the Registrar’s Office will furnish campus security with a list of students so that they will allow you into the campus.

For faculty, we will also furnish security with names.

For cars, old stickers will be good till October 31, 2023. There will be applications for new stickers before then, for which there will be an announcement.

For students with cars without stickers, you would need to show IDs or if you are a new student, security would have your names as submitted by the Registrar’s Office.

Parking is on a first come-first served basis. If the parking area is full, the nearest available parking spaces would be in Power Plant Mall.  

  1. Continuation of Flex MBA sessions in Salcedo

While the Rockwell Campus was being renovated, Flex sessions for MBA were offered in the Salcedo Campus in the Ateneo Professional Schools along H.V. Dela Costa. Salcedo will continue to be offered as an option, and this will be set at the course level between professor and students. 

  1. Reopening of the Satellite Campuses

The campuses in Clark, Sta. Rosa, Iloilo, and Cebu will formally open on November 28, 2023, coinciding with the start of the second term of Ateneo-Regis MBA. At that time, Flex mode will start to be offered for Ateneo-Regis MBA as well as for MBA Standard, and students can opt to attend classes onsite. Like for the Rockwell Campus, flex sessions will be set at the course level between professor and students.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the locations of the Satellite Campuses.

  1. Learning modes with required onsite hours 

At a later date, I will be communicating the policy the number of hours that a student is required to be onsite, calculated on a program total.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), through Memo No. 04 Series of 2023 Section 3.1, specifies that for Private HEIs that have invested in flexible learning, at least 50% of the program must be conducted onsite.

At AGSB we have currently configured class schedules for the lockdown periods. We would have to reconfigure these, as well as the classrooms, to comply. We will set the start of the revised learning modes for the beginning of the second trimester of MBA Standard, Middle Managers MBA, and MBA in Health on January 29, 2024; and for the start of the third term of Ateneo-Regis MBA on February 19, 2024. 

  1. Students must reply to the forthcoming questionnaire  

Until these dates mentioned in the paragraph above, the mode will remain to be Flex. Note that there will be a forthcoming formal policy and memo to clarify these items on onsite hours and learning modes. To build the data needed to inform that policy, we will be sending an email to ask students to answer a questionnaire that we will be sending out this trimester/term. Among other data, we will need to know which campus you will be able to access and that would be your home campus. For students overseas, please make sure that you tell us about your location and situation; these will be in the questionnaire.

Speaking of students receiving email: For those who have not yet complied with the Google storage caps, and as of the morning of October 13 there are still 161 students who are over the 15GB cap, you may not be able to receive emails starting tomorrow, and certainly those with attachments. Thus you might miss the future email that will contain the questionnaire. You need to bring your Google storage under the 15 GB cap today.

  1. Learning modes for Masters in Entrepreneurship and Masters in Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise Development

The schedules and learning modes described above are for the MBA programs. For students in ME and MESEDEV, you will be continuing in your present online modality while we work to reconfigure your programs. I will be sending a separate memo for these two programs when we have worked out the new learning modes and schedules, to take effect in the next module, within the current school year.

Thank you all for your patience while the campuses have been closed and for awaiting the policy on learning modes to come.

The reopening of our campuses would, positively, mark the start of a new era in AGSB education. Hope to see you soon!