Student Announcements

One-week Academic Break for Degree Programs

Date                :           12 January 2022

Memo to         :           AGSB Community

From               :           (sgd.) Jowett Cecilio F. Magsaysay, MBA, PhD, Dean

Subject           :           One-week Academic Break for Degree Programs

Thank you to those who answered our quick health survey yesterday, to which 469 responded. To share some of the findings, these are the percentages of each group who are positive or feeling symptoms:

  • 42% of students
  • 10% of faculty
  • 35% of administrators and staff
  • 59% of household members (of whole sample)

In addition, 28% of respondents are personally having to take care of a household member with Covid-19 symptoms.

To enable students to both physically and mentally cope with the current situation, especially for our students who are infected, we will institute a one-week academic break starting Thursday January 13, 2022 to Wednesday, January 19, 2022. During this academic break, there will be no synchronous class sessions or exams. The deliverables of assignments will be suspended as well. The deadlines for these will move by 7 calendar days. The rest of the Trimester/Term will be adjusted. We will continue to be compassionate in terms of academic requirements especially to those experiencing symptoms or have tested positive.

The academic break will cover these four programs:

  • MBA Standard
  • Middle Managers MBA
  • Ateneo-Regis MBA
  • MBA in Health

The Master in Entrepreneurship and Master in Entrepreneurship (Social Enterprise Development) Programs will continue as scheduled. Executive Education programs at CCE will also continue.

Work in the AGSB and CCE offices will continue, subject to the workload distribution and rotations determined by unit heads.

We continue to pray and wish for relief from this crisis, and hope that this break contributes to that.