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Memo on advisement for overseas and remote students who only have Strama as their remaining course to complete



Memo to          : AGSB Community
Memo from    : (sgd.) Jowett Cecilio F. Magsaysay, MBA, PhD
Date                 : 24 April 2024
Subject             : On advisement for overseas and remote students who only have Strama as their remaining course to complete
Memo No. AGSB-ACAD-2324-033

The Dean’s Office has been receiving questions from overseas-based students and those who are physically remote from any AGSB. These students have asked whether they can take Strama online, as that is their only remaining course.

Upon consultation with the Office of the University Registrar, I can announce that students who meet all of these criteria can email the Dean’s Office with a request for taking Strama online:

  • Those who started their programs before the pandemic, i.e., before SY 2020-2021, and thus would have logged a significant number of onsite hours
  • Who only have Strama left to complete
  • And are overseas or physically remote from any AGSB campus, thus can only take the remaining course online

In your email, state:

  1. Your name
  2. Your program
  3. Your location
  4. The month and year when you started your program
  5. That Strama is your only remaining course

Upon receipt of your email, your case will be assessed and you will receive individual advisement. To be clear, this memo does not signify approval of such requests; it triggers a process of individual advisement, based on assessment of each case.

Please be guided accordingly.