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Memo on Online Classes

March 18, 2020

To the AGSB Community:

Last March 17, 2020, the President of the Ateneo de Manila University issued a memo, part of which stated:

“While Ateneo de Manila is committed to providing a feasible learning environment to our students, we recognize difficulties encountered by our faculty in fulfilling their obligations during these uncertain times, such as coping with the personal, social and psychological impact of COVID-19, adjusting to new living arrangements due to ECQ-related government regulations; learning the ropes of online teaching and
learning, to name a few.

In view of these conditions and upon consultation with our students and faculty of the different school units, I have decided to suspend online classes during the ECQ. Suspending online classes does not mean suspending online learning. Thus, during this ECQ, I am encouraging our teachers to make online material available, nonetheless, for students who have online access. I hope that these students also find creative ways of sharing these or about these materials with their offline classmates. This way all our students can learn at their own pace and time during this period.”

Given said memo, the administration of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB) reiterates that we are suspending all online classes. AGSB faculty, however, are encouraged to provide learning materials to their respective students in order to make use of the ECQ for continued learning.

We will be making a later announcement on the impact of the ECQ on our academic calendar, depending on how the situation will evolve in the coming weeks. We pray for the safety and well being of all our AGSB community, students, faculty, administrators and staff, as well as our respective families during this time of uncertainty.

Let us remember to keep each other in prayer.


(sgd) Rodolfo P. Ang



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