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APS ID-wearing Policy 2019

Date              :    4 July 2019
Memo to      :    The Ateneo Professional Schools community
From            :  (sgd) John Paul C Vergara PhD
Vice President
Subject         :    ID-Wearing Policy

Everyone is enjoined to wear/display his/her Ateneo ID at all times while inside the APS premises.
Any employee, faculty, or student who fails to comply with the implementing rules on wearing of ID shall be reported to his/her appropriate school unit for proper actions.

In accordance with the University’s regulations and policies on safety and security, I would like to remind and encourage everyone to observe the following implementing rules on ID-Wearing.

These reminders are in place to ensure the entire APS community’s well-being.



       A. Prohibited Practices

  1. Wearing of ID underneath clothing (shirt, blouse, jacket, etc.)
  2.  Attaching of ID to personal belonging/article (bag, book, etc.)
  3.  Tampering with ID card (considered a major disciplinary case)
  4.  Using another person’s ID card or allowing someone else to use one’s ID (considered a major disciplinary case)

       B. Failure to comply with the ID Wearing Policy

               I. Administrators and Faculty

APS Security Teams are instructed to report to the unit concerned, for appropriate action, all administrators and faculty members who fail to wear their respective valid Ateneo ID.

              II. Staff

Any staff who fails to present his/her ID is required to pay Two Hundred Pesos (Php. 200.00) to get a temporary ID. The temporary ID will be issued by his/her own school or service unit. Payments for issuance of temporary ID shall be made only to the designated APS cashier. An admonition memo will be issued to a staff who fails to bring his/her valid Ateneo ID on three (3) instances. A copy of the memo shall also be kept in his/her 201 file.

              III. Current Students

Any student who will attend his/her classes but fails to present his/her valid Ateneo ID will be required to pay Two Hundred Pesos (Php. 200.00) at the cashier to get a temporary ID. After payment and verification, the temporary ID will be issued by the appropriate school unit to the student.

If a student comes to school for purposes (see below) other than attending his/her classes and fails to present his/her valid Ateneo ID, s/he may be allowed to enter the APS building by giving him/her a Visitor’s Pass in exchange for any valid ID (government IDs, company ID, etc.) The student shall likewise log in/out in the security log book and state his/her purpose of visit.

Purposes of visit for which a student may be allowed entry are the following: Purchase materials/books, attend a business/school meeting, attend mass, or conduct any business transaction within the school.

               IV. New/Returning Students

New and returning students will be allowed entry upon presentation of either their registration cards or tuition payment receipts for the current semester/trimester. This accommodation will be extended for a limited period of two (2) weeks after start of classes.

               V. Training Course/Seminar Participants

Appropriate units are required to submit a list of training course/seminar participants to the APS Head for Facilities and Physical Resources. The list should be submitted no later than the day prior to the start of the activity. On the day of the training/seminar, each participant shall be given an ID that he/she must wear at all times while inside the campus.

                VI. Guests and Visitors

All guests and visitors will be issued corresponding visitor IDs for proper identification. They must wear these visitor IDs at all times while inside the campus premises.

We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation in this effort to make all our APS campuses safe and secure.


Thank you.

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