Student Announcements

APS Tuition and Fees for SY 2021-22

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Date :      19 April 2021
Memo to :      The Ateneo Professional Schools Community
From :      (sgd) John Paul C Vergara PhD
      Vice President
Subject :       APS Tuition and Fees for SY 2021-22



As we approach the last few weeks of the school year, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the APS community for all their hard work and support during this pandemic.  The shift to online learning has presented challenges that required all of us to work and learn together; I thank the faculty, professionals, staff, administrators, and students for actively taking their part in this shift and for overcoming these challenges.

We recognize that the economic downturn caused by the pandemic has strained the finances of our students and their families, and as such, the University administration has decided that tuition and fees for SY 2021-22 will not exceed the rates right before the pandemic.  University expenses will be kept to the same or lower levels, to the extent possible.  Physical operations have been reduced in areas such as utilities, facilities, maintenance, and security.  Online operations have increased given the costs of maintaining essential online learning systems. Salaries and benefits have more or less remained the same.


Once again, I thank everyone for their support as we affirm our commitment to the APS mission of forming professionals for others.


Keep safe and well.