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Reminiscing: Memories of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (Prof. Adelina Rex)

editor’s note: The writer, Professor Adel Rex, retired from the AGSB at the end of the April 2016, after teaching Business Communication to 29 generations of AGSB students. She will spend her retirement with her husband in her hometown in Bicol.

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Working with the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB) was a 29-year long rewarding, enriching, and inspiring experience. The warmth, the joy, the appreciation, and the wealth of knowledge that abound in AGSB altogether made my stay here worth remembering.

Coming to the AGSB on my first day of work was not a difficult task, as I found myself warmly welcomed by the administration and its staff, faculty and students. Throughout my stay, my knowledge and social skills in dealing with various types of individuals were enhanced and my network of friends even broadened.

I have worked with five (5) Deans, and found all of them inspiring mentors, encouraging coaches and genuine friends. They guided me, encouraged me and fashioned me into what I am today.

As I went through my teaching chores in school, I never felt reluctant about sharing my knowledge with my superiors because they were always open to new ideas. Thus, I could bring to the four corners of my classroom any innovative practice that I felt would optimize my students’ learning. It was never difficult to get their approval of my suggestions. Even further, my superiors were always generous with their praises, recognition and appreciation for any good I did for the school. All these kept me going!

The passion for excellence and a desire to serve others, to do more, to show care and concern for others and to inspire people are virtues I learned and treasured most from this institution. These guided me along the way as I molded the hearts and minds of my students.

At the AGSB, the by-word is quality”; that is, never settling for the ordinary, for mediocrity. We were always reminded “to do our best in everything we do”. Thus, this was the value I also insisted on seeing in my students’ performance.

It was also from this institution that I learned to give always a part of myself; I learned to become selfless, to be willing to share my time and whatever I have with those in need. I did, too, become more aware of the socio-economic conditions of people around me, and the social structures that separate the “haves” and the “have nots,” and to do something worthwhile to alleviate this great divide. As I move out of the portals of this school, I bring with me these virtues. I will continue to pursue this advocacy by working closely and actively with our community NGO’s and zealously involving myself in teaching catechism to the youth.

Certainly, my reflections will never be complete without reminiscing about my many unforgettable moments with my students, whom I’ve so loved, nurtured and admired . They constitute my total inspiration in my 29-year-long stay at the AGSB. They were responsible for brightening up my evenings in the classroom over three long hours, as they actively and intelligently shared their insights with me in our class discussions. How I adore their dedication and interest to learn new things even after an eight-hour day of work in their offices! I will forever treasure the love, the joy, and the concern they shared with me in my class.

Of course, I can’t let this piece go, without recalling my memories of our charming, dedicated, and efficient staff. They were my angels, the sole reason why my work at AGSB was so easy and so pleasant. From them, I learned further the joy of service without expecting anything in return. From them I learned the value of a smile, despite the challenge of serving difficult people. Indeed, our staff are the living epitome of “magis”, “cura personalis” and “lux in domino”!

Our faculty, my colleagues, are all working professionals. They come in different packages. From among them I found a few, real and good friends whom I will forever fondly remember.

Truly, I feel that this page is not long enough to contain what my heart wants to say at the moment. Words don’t come easy for me to express how grateful I am, and how proud and privileged I am to have been a part of this institution. For me, no other institution can ever come close to AGSB.

My promise: I will forever stay loyal to our Ignatian values and keep nurturing these sublime AGSB memories in my heart and soul for as long as I live….all for God’s greater glory…AMDG!






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