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The Ateneo Center for Continuing Education (CCE) supplements and complements the Ateneo Graduate School of Business’ (AGSB) program offerings by addressing issue-specific industry concerns that require immediate, purposeful, and focused response. CCE is an industry resource and partner, doing advocacy on emerging critical issues and convening interested entities so that together, they can tackle a common concern.
CCE is imbued with a deep sense of mission to serve others in unique and remarkable ways. Conscious of its vital role in society, the Center continuously improves its products and services in a creative, innovative, and trend-setting way to address the changing needs of clients.



Ateneo CCE promotes Ateneo excellence, service, and ethics in the workplace by partnering with organizations, strengthening and systematically enhancing the quality and productivity of their human resources through continuously evolving workplace-based, quality-assured, and performance-driven education programs.



Ateneo CCE will be the leading Center for Excellence in professional continuing education in Asia and beyond.


Core Values

Customer Care
The customer is the focus of all Ateneo CCE endeavors at every point of contact where the constant goal is to provide each participant with an excellent learning experience

Ateneo CCE is distinguished for its ability to tailor programs to the specific needs of clients.


Each course produces immediate results, bringing out the best in the participant as a person and as a professional, thereby enhancing the performance of tasks in the workplace.

Course Classifications

The Ateneo Center for Continuing Education, the country’s premier institution for professional training, strengthens its market position through internationally-recognized certification programs.

The Ateneo Center for Continuing Education’s unique and competitive advantage is the expertise in customizing courses in order to effectively address the needs of specific disciplines and industries.

Business Excellence

The Ateneo Center for Continuing Education systematically enhances the quality and productivity of professionals through continuously evolving, workplace-based, and performance-driven education programs.

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