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Schedule for the renovation of the APS Rockwell building, Memo No. AGSB-OD-AO-2223-015

Memo to ….. : ….. ┬áThe AGSB Community
Memo from : (sgd.) Jowett Cecilio F. Magsaysay, MBA, PhD
. Dean
Date : 07 December 2022
Subject . : Schedule for the renovation of the APS Rockwell building
. Memo No. AGSB-OD-AO-2223-015

The project kick-off meeting for the renovation of the Ateneo Professional Schools Rockwell building has just concluded. This memo updates the community on the project items and project timeline.

The renovation will include elevator replacement, new air-conditioning units, major electrical works, and repainting.

Project Timeline

The key dates in the timeline are:

  • December 16, 2022. Last day of onsite work and onsite/ flex classes.
  • December 17, 2022. Start of renovation, all work and classes will shift to 100% online from this point.
  • February 6, 2023. End of Phase 1 of the renovation.
  • February 7, 2023. Opening of offices and the seven flex classrooms. Onsite work and flex classes resume.
  • February 7, 2023. Phase 2 begins. This will include the continuation of minor works like some repainting, waterproofing, and auxiliary systems (CCTV, voice, data). Onsite work and onsite/flex classes continue.

Implications for the programs

For Standard, Middle Managers, and MBA in Health:

  • The last two weeks of classes for the First Trimester would be 100% online.
  • The first week of classes for the Second Trimester would be 100% online.

For Ateneo-Regis:

  • The rest of Term 2, after the academic break, would be 100% online.
  • Term 3 would start with onsite/flex classes being available.


  • There will be no change in the modality of these two programs, as they continue with a 100% online modality.

Preparations needed before December 17

For admin and staff who hold offices onsite, the project team will be asking for an inventory of items from each of us. The recommendation is to bring home items that are valuable and portable. For the items that you will each leave in the office, please make a written inventory and pictures of your work area, covering 360 degrees, and submit it to Ms. Malyn Divinagracia by Monday morning, December 10, 2022.

Future updates

We will be receiving a weekly progress report on the project. Should there be any change in the schedule, the Dean’s Office will communicate new timelines right away.