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Requests for Registration Exceeding 2 Courses per Term / Trimester

25 January 2021

MEMO FOR     :     The AGSB Community

FROM                :       REY R. REYES, APS Registrar

SUBJECT         :     Requests for Registration Exceeding 2 Courses per Term / Trimester

 Last January 23, the Office of the Dean released the new policy limiting enrollment to only 2 courses per term / trimester, with specific conditions for those who need to take more than the allowed number.   Courses in excess of the first 2 enrolled are considered overloads.  Overloads are processed thru Direct Registration available at the Registrar Online Services portal, which opens during regular registrations schedule.  The process is as follows:

  1. Complete the registration/enrollment of your first 2 courses first.  You will need a screenshot of your enrollment confirmation to complete your application.
  2. Go to Registrar Online Services and click on Request for Direct Registration.
  3. Fill out the online DR form that will appear.  At the Primary Request section, choose Overload, click Next and answer the ensuing items.  You will be asked to attach the screenshot of your enrollment confirmation before closing and sending the application.
  4. Monitor the approval of your request online thru the link provided upon completion of the online DR form.
  5. All the policies in the general enrollment memo released earlier continue to be in effect, including the rules on schedule conflict checking.

Those who have already sent requests for overload before the release of this memo are advised to follow the process outlined here.  Please be guided accordingly.


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