Student Announcements

Policy on Maximum Number of Subjects a Student can Take Per Term

Date                :          23 January 2021

To                    :          Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Department Chairs, Registrar, Director of Student Affairs and Formation

From                :          (sgd.) Jowett Cecilio F. Magsaysay, MBA, PhD


Subject            :           Policy on Maximum Number of Subjects a Student can Take Per Term

We’ve received a number of requests from students who want to take three or four subjects per term, as currently we had been limiting them to two. To respond to these requests, let’s be guided by this policy while we’re on a 100% online learning mode, where the workload is inherently heavier. This policy aims to:

  • Ensure that students are fully aware of the implications of their decision to take a heavier load
  • Guide them towards quality of learning, which feedback indicates takes more effort than an in-person class
  • Give a chance to students who have proven that they could have the capacity for a heavier load

With these aims in mind, a student would be permitted to take three subjects per term if they meet these requirements:

  1. That the student took at least two subjects last term
  2. That the student’s grades in those two subjects are not below 3.0. If grades are not yet available, then the requirement would be a QPI to date of at least 2.5.
  3. That the student submit a letter, addressed to the Registrar, to the effect that he/she is aware that this is a higher subject count than previously permitted, and that he/she is committing to meet the requirements of this heavier load
  4. That the student did not withdraw any or all of his/her courses in the previous term/trimester

Students wanting to take a third subject are still required to submit a petition letter to the Office of the Registrar showing evidence that the student is compliant with all four requirements stated above. The Registrar, in consultation with the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs still has final authority to grant or deny such petitions.

Thank you.