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AGSB Guidelines for Return to Onsite Work and Pilot Runs for Mixed Modes of Learning

Date ….. : ….. 26 February 2022
Memo to :  AGSB Community
From :  (sgd.) Jowett Cecilio F. Magsaysay, MBA, PhD
. Dean
Subject : AGSB Guidelines for Return to Onsite Work and Pilot Runs for

Mixed Modes of Learning

Following the issuance of University Memos # U2122-046 dated 17 December 2021 and # U2122-047 dated 18 December 2021, AGSB will transition from purely online work and classes to, first, a return to work, then, pilot classes for mixed modes of learning, leading to a return to campus for students in the first trimester/first term of SY 2022-2023. This development comes as the University acknowledges the new IATF alert level classification allowing face-to-face classes in higher education (Alert levels 1, 2, and 3).

These AGSB Guidelines For Return to Onsite Work and Mixed Modes of Learning aim to create a safe learning environment for each member of the community. The Guidelines are based on the memos on Guidelines for Onsite Work, Health Protocols and Guidelines for Campus Access, the Use of University Facilities, and Holding of Events on Campus, which observe local and international health standards.


Guidelines will cover all AGSB employees, faculty, students, contractors, suppliers, and visitors. At this time, the guidelines for students only apply to the Degree Programs.. Classes in Executive Education will remain fully online only until further notice.

General Understanding for Employees

AGSB full-time employees will follow a one-week onsite and one-week work from home scheme. To ensure health and safety in the workplace and business continuity, supervisors will assign their respective staff to teams (Team A, Team B). Supervisors are responsible for discussing with their respective staff the rotation schedule per month given the mandates of their office, including addressing concerns that the staff may have on the return to onsite work. Supervisors should regularly update the Dean’s Office on these concerns and their rotation schedule.

AGSB will start the return to onsite work on March 1, 2022, following the University announcements made on February 23. For Rockwell Campus, which is set to implement a renovation of its facilities in April 2022, the onsite and work from home rotational scheme will run until March 31, 2022. For the Salcedo Campus, the one-week onsite and one-week work from home will continue beyond March 31, subject to any change in alert levels by the IATF and University Guidelines.


General Understanding for Students

AGSB will implement mixed modes of learning, including hybrid modes, beginning SY 2022-2023 (or by September 18, 2022). Prior to its full implementation, the Degree Programs will conduct onsite pilot classes in Rockwell Campus from March 1 to 31, 2022 and in the Salcedo Campus until mid-August.

CCE will be scheduling pilot classes for Executive Education, the schedules for which will be announced when these are available.

A memo on the mechanics of mixed modes of learning will be issued separately.

Campus Access 

Vaccination Requirements Based on current University policy, only fully vaccinated AGSB employees, AGSB students, contractors, suppliers, and visitors will be allowed entry to the various Ateneo Professional Schools Campuses (in Rockwell and Salcedo). “Fully vaccinated” is defined, as of this writing, as having received one dose of the J&J vaccine or two doses of all the other brands; boosters are not yet part of the definition.

Those who are not fully vaccinated, whether they are AGSB employees, AGSB students, or regular visitors (e.g. contractors, suppliers, vendors, service providers and delivery crew) must present a negative RT-PCR results from either Blue Swab (Quezon City-based lab) or New World Diagnostics (Makati lab) taken every two weeks prior to entering any of the Ateneo Professional Schools (APS) Campuses. The RT-PCR swab test will be for the own account of the AGSB employee, AGSB student, or regular visitor.

Registration Requirements (Blue Pass and UmakeMakatiSafe) for Entry To facilitate entry to the APS Campuses in Makati, all AGSB employees (Faculty, Administrators and Non-Teaching Staff), currently enrolled students, contractors, suppliers and frequent visitors must register in the Blue Pass application portal ( The Blue Pass application will serve as the campus access, health monitoring, and contact tracing app for the Ateneo community. To register, employees and students must click on the link provided and sign in using their Ateneo email address (for employees), obf accounts (for students) or gmail addresses for all others. AGSB employees and students must fill out the Health declaration form found in the Blue Pass on the day of their visit or no more than twelve (12) hours before entering the campus.


Steps in generating the Blue Pass:

  1. Open an account on Blue Pass – this will be done on an individual basis and needs to be done just once:
    1. Visit (should you have difficulty in registering please try to use Microsoft Edge as your browser instead of Google Chrome)
    2. Sign-in using your Ateneo email address (if no Ateneo email address, contact
    3. Complete the required information (prepare your COVID-19 vaccination card, PhilHealth registration)
  1. Prior to campus entry, proceed to your dashboard.
  1. Click the Health Declaration icon and fill-up the form (not more than 12 hours prior to campus visit).
  1. Generate your Blue Pass by clicking the icon Digital ID + QR Code. You can take a screenshot or print your Blue Pass. You will need to show this to campus security upon arrival at the campus.


Note: For technical concerns, please contact For immediate concerns, please contact Ms. Rhea Olano, Temporary APS Health Coordinator at


Steps in generating the QR Code for umakemakatisafe:

Step 1: Click the Umake Makati Safe QR Code posted in the building entrance or using your mobile browser type in the website

Step 2: Click the Register here and fill the fields provided. Use your Makatizen card or vaccination card (if available)

Step 3: Download your personal QR code. This will serve as your health declaration form to establishments inside the City of Makati.

Step 4: Scan the Umake Makati Safe QR Code posted in the building entrance. Upload the personal QR code and click submit.

Step 5: Below message will appear after the submit. Show this to the Entrance guard/receptionist.

For question or concerns, you can call 09205024276 from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5M, or email


Casual or infrequent visitors to AGSB can apply for entry to the Campuses using the existing CAR forms for the Rockwell and Salcedo Campuses: and the Arete in the Loyola Campus: forms are open daily from 8 am to 4pm and requests must be made at least twenty four (24) hours before the scheduled visit. Visitors should also fill out the AGSB Health Survey Form – (or printed Health Declaration form with the Guard) on the day of their visit or no more than twelve (12) hours prior to visit.

Process in Entering Campus: These are the steps to take to enter the Campuses:

STEP 1: BUILDING ENTRANCE – When entering the building, present the Blue Pass to the security personnel for scanning. There will be a dedicated phone scanner for this.

STEP 2: Proceed to temperature checking.

STEP 3: Proceed to QR code scanning. (Makati LGU confirms that umakemaktisafe QR code has been mandatory, effective January 2022).

Temperature checks will be conducted at the building and parking entrances.

Process for Drivers of Employees, Students, and Grab/Lalamove/Other Couriers 

For AGSB Employees AGSB employees who will be driven to/from work must submit the necessary information in the Google form on their designated drivers so that they can be enrolled in the Blue Pass system. Once registered in Blue Pass, the employee’s driver will be able to generate QR codes from the system which will serve as a digital ID. To obtain a QR Code, drivers should also fill out the Health Declaration form in the Blue Pass on the day of their entry to the Campus or no more than twelve (12) hours prior to entry.


To facilitate registration, employees must fill out the Driver Nomination form ( using their Ateneo email address. Only one driver per employee will be allowed for registration in the Blue Pass. Should the registered driver be unavailable, employees must nominate an alternate driver through the following links:



Should a registered driver need to be replaced, the employee must send an email to the Campus Safety and Mobility Office (CSMO) at The CSMO will send the link to the new driver nomination form to the employee and the records of the old driver will be deleted from the system. For employees/students with the same drivers, the more senior member should fill out the Driver Nomination Form.

For Drivers of Students AGSB students must fill out the Driver Nomination Form using their OBF emails: Should the registered driver in the BluePass system be unavailable, students must submit an alternate driver using this link Once registered in the Blue Pass system, drivers will be able to generate QR codes which will serve as their digital ID when entering the Campus. Drivers must also fill out a health declaration form on the day of the visit or no more than twelve (12) hours before entering the Campus. Only one driver per student will be allowed to be registered in the system. Should the registered driver need to be replaced, the student must notify the Campus Safety and Mobility Office (CSMO) at CSMO will send the link to the nomination form for the new driver and will permanently delete the records of the former driver.

Should employees and students share the same driver, the most senior member should fill out the Driver Nomination Form to avoid duplication in records.

Grab/Lalamove/Courier Pick-up and Deliveries Grab, Lalamove, or courier riders must present their vaccination cards or certificates (updated copy issued February 7, 2022 onwards), to the Guard on duty to be allowed access to the Building. The rider must also fill out the AGSB Health Survey Form – or a printed version of the Health Declaration form with the Guard. Should the delivery rider fail to present a vaccination card or certificate, that rider will not be allowed to enter the Campus, and the package will be left with the Guard on duty.

AGSB Office and Classroom Protocols 

Mandatory Requirement: AGSB employees and AGSB students, including regular or infrequent visitors must observe the following mandatory standard health protocols:

  1. Wearing of face masks (KF94, KN95, or Double Masks – inner surgical mask and outer cloth mask); wearing of face shields is optional
  2. Social distancing of 1.5 meters between individuals must be observed at all times.
  3. Face-to-face meetings or interactions between or among individuals must be limited to 30 minutes maximum.
  4. Frequent washing of hands
  5. Proper waste disposal at designated bins
  6. Maintain cleanliness of personal space
  7. Observance of existing pre-pandemic policies on safety and health, smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and prohibited substances, traffic and parking rules, etc.

Meal time Schedule. Everyone is enjoined to refrain from eating together in the lounge area. Meal schedules should be discussed with Supervisors and taken on a rotation basis to prevent staff from unnecessary assembling and to mitigate possible transmission in the event that a staff might be asymptomatic.

The cafeteria will not serve food. Students need to bring their own food or use the school’s meal-ordering system (food to be delivered directly to the students).


Covid19 Protocol 

As a general rule, AGSB employees, AGSB students, or visitors who exhibit Covid19 or flu-like symptoms need not report for work (whether onsite or online work-from-home) nor enter the Campus.

Everybody is also encouraged to report to their Supervisors, University Physician, AGSB Representatives to the Local Emergency Team, or APS Health Coordinator, those who reported for work and deemed to be violating health protocols while inside the Office/Campus.

For AGSB Employees (Rockwell and Salcedo)

AGSB employees experiencing symptoms must inform their Supervisors of their condition and consult with the University Physician, Dr. Sio Marquez by booking a telemedicine appointment via Blue Pass. Employees who experience symptoms onsite must inform their Supervisors. The employee must isolate from the rest of the community and inform the University Physician and Ms. Rhealyn Olano, APS Health Coordinator at The employee must then abide with the instructions of the University Doctor. No onsite/online work-from-home will be permitted while the employee is sick. Employees who feel well enough to work online from home must secure written clearance from their Supervisor with the concurrence of the University Physician.

For AGSB employees in the Salcedo Campus, teleconsultation services (for non-emergency cases) are also  available in Blue Pass. In case of emergency, the Rockwell Ambulance is on standby 24/7. Employees should inform the lobby guard on duty who will coordinate with the Rockwell Campus. APS is building a clinic in the Rockwell campus to also serve Salcedo employees. We will update these guidelines when there is a definite schedule for when this clinic will be available.

In the interest of the safety of all members of the community, employees who have exhibited symptoms must secure clearance from the University Physician prior to returning to onsite work.

For AGSB Students/CCE Participants (enrolled in Blue Pass)

AGSB students or CCE participants experiencing symptoms must notify their Faculty and/or Class Beadles of their condition and schedule a consultation with the ASMPH Health Services Office through the Blue Pass Telemedicine feature. The APS Health Coordinator will facilitate coordination with Health Services in the event that a student exhibits flu-like symptoms while on Campus. 

Isolation Area

The Isolation Area during the pilot run of classes is the former Campus Ministry Office at the Ground Floor of the Rockwell Campus, pending the construction of the APS Clinic.


Physical Distancing Protocol 

  1. General Measures
    1. APS will strictly implement physical distancing protocols for all students, faculty, and staff while inside the school premises. The minimum physical distance for students undergoing limited face-to-face classes will be 1.5 meters (Attachment: Documentation Pictures of Facilities)
    2. Student services can be accessed remotely, i.e. library and clinic (except during emergency cases).
    3. To reduce the chances of close interaction:
    4. Building entrance and exit exclusively assigned (Rockwell Lobby entrance is on the Right side; exit is on the left side )
    5. Keep right in the hallways and corridors (divided by stanchions).
    6. Each classroom door will be assigned for either entry or exit use only.
    7. No. 3 (Rockwell Drive side) and 4 (Hidalgo Drive side) Stairwells will be used exclusively to go up.
    8. No. 2 Stairwell (near Rex Bookstore) will be used exclusively to go down.
    9. APS will utilize visual cues, floor markers, and protective barriers to further reduce the contact.


  1. Onsite classes
    1. Only the following students will be allowed to enter the school premises:
    2. Students who will be attending an approved class session; or,
    3. Students with approved appointments by the Office of Student Affairs
    4. To conform to physical distancing protocols, students on campus will be assigned to rooms/areas. Students must strictly follow room/area assignments given to them.
    5. Students should go straight to their assigned rooms upon entering the campus. If students arrive early and their rooms are not yet available, they will be directed to go to a waiting area where physical distancing will still be strictly observed. They will not be allowed to loiter.
    6. Students must leave the campus right after the official F2F activity.
    7. The maximum room capacity will be observed at all times.
    8. There will be no conduct of any onsite and group-based extracurricular activities such as sports events, musical events, and competitions, among others.


Ventilation in AGSB Offices and Classrooms

During this return to office and conduct of pilot onsite classes, AGSB will open the windows and doors of its offices and classrooms to allow fresh air intake while air conditioning is running. After the Rockwell building renovation, air purifiers will be installed together with the new air conditioning system, for proper ventilation. Similarly, the Salcedo Campus will install an air purification system in its offices and classrooms.

AGSB classroom configuration will follow 1.5 meters physical distancing. Thus, maximum capacity depending on sqm footprint, will be at 20 students/participants. Refer to Annex for sample configuration. 

Disinfection of AGSB Offices and Classrooms

AGSB employees are responsible for keeping their respective workstations clean and sanitized. Maintenance staff from the Campus Facilities and Maintenance Office (CFMO) will perform their usual cleaning and disinfection of floors and high contact surfaces (e.g. door knobs, ref handles, etc.), including maintaining and disinfecting restrooms inside (and outside) the AGSB Offices, and appliances that are shared among staff.

Common areas such as hallways, corridors, and the AGSB office will be disinfected on an hourly basis. Classrooms will be disinfected after each class. Alcohol dispensers will also be assigned in strategic areas at the second and fourth floors areas of the AGSB at the Rockwell Campus. In the Salcedo Campus, alcohol dispensers will be distributed at the 3rd and 5th floors of the building where the CCE is located.

These guidelines could be amended as government or University regulations change.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. Who should register in the Blue Pass System and why is there a need to register?
    All employees, students, and regular visitors, including contractors, suppliers, service providers, parents, and drivers. The Blue Pass is the University’s campus access, health monitoring and contract tracing system. QR Codes from the system will serve as digital IDs when entering the Campus. These must be presented to the Guard to gain access to facilities.
  2. Who can enter the APS Campus?
    Only fully vaccinated employees, students and visitors may enter the APS Campus (in Rockwell or Salcedo).
  3. If I am not fully vaccinated (for whatever reason), will I be able to enter the APS Building?
    Yes, but only upon presentation of a negative RT PCR conducted by an Ateneo accredited swab provider (Blue Swab in Ateneo Loyola Campus or New World Diagnostics, Makati). A negative RT PCR must be presented every two weeks prior to entering the Campus.
  4. To whom should I report should I exhibit covid19 or flu-like symptoms while on Campus?
    The APS temporary Health Coordinator – Ms. Rhealyn B. Olano (; Ms. Olano will then facilitate the coordination with the University Physician (for employees) or ASMPH Health Services (for students).
  5. I have a driver who brings me to the Campus. Does he need to be registered or will his vaccination card suffice?
    If the drivers will regularly enter the Campus, they should be registered in the Blue Pass system. Employees and students should fill out the driver nomination form using their ADMU and OBF email addresses. Once registered, the drivers can secure the QR codes from the Blue Pass which serve as their digital IDs when entering the APS Campus. 
  6. What if my driver will be absent, can I temporarily replace him?
    Yes, you can enroll an alternate driver by filling out the alternate driver nomination form. Once registered, drivers can already secure their QR code from the Blue Pass.
  7. Can I have food or packages delivered through Grab/Lalamove/LBC? Will the riders be allowed to enter the APS Campus?
    Yes, riders will be allowed to enter the Campus upon presentation of their vaccination card.
  8. Can employees do multiple entries/exits in a day?
    Yes, each entry will require a repeat of the whole process for entering the Campuses, regardless of the length of time that has passed between an exit and the next entry
  9. For those who were exposed to colleagues/classmates who exhibit symptoms onsite, will they be required to undergo RT-PCR?
    For those who were exposed, the requirement to stay home+observe, quarantine or RT-PCR will depend on the risk assessment of either the University Physician (for employees) or ASMPH Health Services (for students).
  10. There are staff who use public transport, who expressed that options have become
    limited (no more shuttle services, limited jeepney options). Will there be any
    transportation assistance that can be extended to them?
    None at this time
  11. Will we have PCR tests at every end of weekly duty?
  12. Will we come out with a set of protocols for possible staff deployment outside
    campus (in-person client meetings, off-site training)?
    While continuing to follow our own personal safety protocols, we will also follow the
    protocols of the site we are visiting.