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Two teachers comparing notes in a classroom

We all know Atty. Leni Robredo as a lawyer, a government official, a public servant, a political figure, and a leader. We don’t know much about her as a teacher.

Atty. Leni had just returned from teaching a course in the Harvard Kennedy School when I met her last Friday. We talked about how students in different countries prepare for a class; how students discuss a case study differently in the Philippines and in the U.S.; about student consultations and why her consultation lines were the longest in her time in Harvard; about questions that students tend to ask, and so forth.

During the forum, Atty. Leni used storytelling techniques, case examples, metaphors, self-reflection, compare-and-contrast, critical questions, rhetorical questions, principles to punctuate lessons, synthesis, and other methods.

As we gathered for the closing, I could only state the obvious: “Ma’am, ang galing po ninyong magturo!” Atty. Leni Robredo


Leni 1


Leni 2

leni 3



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