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Updated: Tuition and Fees, School Year 2017-2018


To            : All students enrolled in MBA programs of the AGSB

From      : Rodolfo P. Ang, Dean

Re            : Tuition and Fees, School Year 2017-2018

We would like to inform the AGSB community that we will be implementing a 6% increase in tuition and fees for School Year 2017 – 2018 across all MBA Programs.

We are also introducing two new fees for the coming School Year:

1.Student Information Fee
The Ateneo Professional Schools, made up of the AGSB, the Law School, the School of Government, and the School of Medicine and Public Health, is migrating to a new Student Information System (SIS) called Quercus (by Ellucian), which we believe will significantly improve our students’ experience when registering and accessing their student records. Quercus is the SIS industry standard, used by many of the leading schools worldwide. This service is made available to us at a significant additional cost, precipitating the need for this new fee. Upon consultation with the AGSB Student Council, we have agreed to introduce this fee in two phases, to mitigate its impact on our student body. An SIS fee of P300.00 per student will be collected every trimester/term for SY 2017-2018. This fee will be increased to P600.00 per student in SY 2018-2019, after which it will be subject to the regular annual increase in tuition and fees.

2. Equipment and Materials Fees for the Regis Program
This fee will be familiar to students enrolled in all the MBA programs of the AGSB except the Regis program. The AGSB has been subsidizing the Equipment and Materials fees for students in the Regis program since its offering in 1997. We will no longer be extending this subsidy to any of the incoming students of the Regis program beginning SY 2017-2018. Students who started their program prior to this coming school year will continue to enjoy the subsidy until the end of their studies.

The increase in tuition and fees is being undertaken to ensure our financial viability and our continued ability to provide quality graduate business education for our students. Specifically, this increase will be used to cover anticipated increases in our operating and capital expenses, including additional mandated outlays for personnel, instructional and office supplies, course and curriculum development, faculty and staff development, utilities, facilities repairs and improvements, and our contribution to the University’s Central Administration.

The new schedule of program fees and the Commission on Higher Education’s letter of approval are attached. These new fees shall take effect First Trimester of SY 2017 – 2018. We are issuing this announcement in advance to give all those concerned adequate time to consider the impact of these increases in their financial planning.



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