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New Online Database Available: EMIS (Emerging Markets Information Service)

A new online database is now available for the Ateneo Professionals Schools’ students and faculties: EMIS (Emerging Markets Information Service), the replacement for Euromonitor, can be accessed at :

EMIS delivers deep, rich company and industry information, alongside the relevant proprietary and multi -source news, research and analytics that allow professionals to make profitable decisions faster.

This single resource of hard-to-get information covers more than 100 emerging markets, includes company profiles and financials from more than 1.7 million listed and private companies, offers single company and industry analysis, and delivers proprietary and multi -source news and research from over 20,000 publications, all delivered via an easy-to-use interface. You can access the user guide at

EMIS database can be accessed only within the Ateneo Professionals School premises through one of the follwing portals:

Thank You.



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