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Happy Easter, AGSB Community!

Happy Easter, AGSB Community!

For a relevant Easter message, I invited our Ateneo Professional Schools chaplain and my PhD classmate, Fr. Pat Falguera, to share his thoughts and prayers for Easter.

As we – with God’s mercy – enter the post-pandemic era, we would do well to reflect on Fr. Pat’s two themes of Hope and Gratitude.

In my first email to the community near the end of 2020, I wrote that “when many things are uncertain, we can build on those things that are certain,” including the increasing need for managers and leaders, the required management and leadership skills, and the trust in the Ateneo mission and brand that the institution has earned for more than 160 years. That certainty has sustained us and will sustain us still.

We persevered in this period of crisis with Hope that we would see it through. Now we look back in Gratitude for what we have learned in the process, and we Hope again as we look forward to building, together, a new era for ourselves, for our School, and hopefully for our country and for the world.


Please click below to watch Fr. Pat’s message…

Easter Message_photo play












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