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Bureau of Immigration Notice to All Foreigners

NOTICE is hereby given to All registered foreign nationals, immigrant or non-immigrant, resident or non-resident visa holders all over the Philippines, that you are required to report in person, pursuant to Section 10 of the Alien Registration Act of 1950, within the first sixty (60) days of CY 2011 at the Alien Registration Division (ARD), Bureau of Immigration, Manila, or at the Immigration District/Subport/Field/Satellite office nearest your place of residence.

Any of the following documents shall be presented by the registered foreigner during the Annual Report (AR):

  1. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) / or ACR I-Card;
  2. Certificate of Residence (CR); or
  3. Official Receipts (O.R.) covering previous payment of AR fee.

An Annual Report fee of P300.00 and P10.00 Legal Research fee shall be paid by the foreigner.

The parent or legal guardian of a registered foreigner who is less than fourteen (14) years of age, shall have the duty of complying with the requirement of Annual Report of such minor; provided, that upon reaching the age of fourteen (14) in the Philippines, such minor within fifteen (15) days apply in person with the Alien Registration Division for re-registration and fingerprinting, upon payment of registration fees and thereafter personally making the Annual Report in accordance with the provisions of the Alien Registration Act of 1950.

Foreigners who are sixty-five (65) years of age and above may be represented by their legal guardians and/or legal representatives in making their Annual Report.

When the subject foreigners intend to be represented by a travel agent, broker or liaison officer, the amount of FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (PhP500.00) as Express Lane fee shall be charged in addition to the Annual Report and Legal Research fees. The travel agent or liaison officer must present the original ACR/ACR I-Card of the subject foreigner and a duly notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) executed for such purpose.

In all other cases such as change of address and/or updating of information, the same shall be subject to payment of immigration fees and/or fines if applicable.

A foreigner holder of paper-based ACR, whose visa is not exempt from payment of immigration fees, shall not be permitted to make his Annual Report without securing an ACR I-Card.

Failure to comply with the provisions of the Alien Registration Act of 1950 is subject to administrative fine and/or imprisonment, at the option of the Commissioner of Immigration.

For strict compliance.

23 December 2010/ 4 January 2011

(Sgd.) ATTY. RONALDO P. LEDESMA, Officer-In-Charge



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