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Ateneo GSB launches its first-ever monthly featured Hero Graduate: Dr. Sheila Magnaye-Acosta, MBA-Health

Ateneo GSB launches its first-ever monthly featured Hero Graduate: Dr. Sheila Magnaye-Acosta, MBA-Health

Ateneo GSB prides itself in its graduates. We believe that these exemplary individuals reflect the values that we uphold and prove true our mission-vision of molding “men and women for others”

For its first ever featured Hero Graduate, Ateneo GSB wants to pay tribute to the frontliners of this pandemic, particularly those belonging to the Medical Field. Among them is Dr. Sheila Magnaye- Acosta, graduate of the program MBA- Health from batch 2017:

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Aside from fighting COVID in the walls of hospitals, Dr. Sheila has brought the battle out and thought of different ways on how she can help the community.From talking to patients to building her own company: Home Healthlink Innovations, Inc, this Hero Graduate has truly gone a long way.

Ateneo GSB was given a chance to interview Dr. Sheila on her current feat and here’s a snippet of our conversation with her:

Ateneo GSB: What for you is a Hero Graduate?

Dr. Sheila: I am Sheila and I am an Ateneo GSB Hero Graduate, being a Hero is first conquering oneself  from within through discipline in order to set forth to a mission higher than you. It is devoting your time to learning new things everyday that you may not only share, but also use to develop and empower the people around you. It is putting a mark of excellence in all your endeavors that makes a difference in the lives of others.

Ateneo GSB: What has Ateneo GSB taught you?

Dr. Sheila: Ateneo GSB has taught me what it means to contribute to nation building as an individual and as an organization. Identifying the unmet needs of the community– its root cause and mechanism– and providing initiatives with impact, creating a ripple effect due to its relevance and sustainability.

Ateneo GSB: What was your MBA Program and how did it help you in your career?

Dr. Sheila: My Program is MBA in Health and I have applied it in my career/ profession and this has helped me by understanding what is necessary to build the foundations for a vision to come to fruition. I learned the value of creating a nurturing culture where people can grow in the workplace that motivates everyone to align themselves to the mission of serving patients with integrity and compassion.

Ateneo GSB: How did you exemplify being a Hero Graduate in the New Normal?

Dr. Sheila: The move to initiate a home healthcare project in our country was inspired to bridge the gap in healthcare delivery during the vulnerable period where patients transition out from the hospital and into their own home. This is made possible by providing support and rehabilitation from a multidisciplinary team, rendering their services in a home setting.

When the pandemic hit, what I thought to be a limitation turned out to be an opportunity for serving others. The silver lining came when we shifted our attention towards what we could do to help, instead of dwelling on what was lost or lacking. The gap that we were supposed to fill in in healthcare delivery became the principal need of the community, which added relevance to the healthcare delivery at home. By tapping to our God-given talents, we are able to assist people in dire need. We are able to volunteer and provide free medical consultation via telemedicine. Also, guided by strict infection control protocols to protect our team and our patients, we have provided services at the patients’ homes safely.

We also collaborated with People Ignite, a company that specializes in organizational

development to create a series of free webinars (Ignition Learning Series) that aim to promote community education in self-care based on the principles of Functional Medicine. The webinars allowed us to extend help and provide mechanisms for individuals in the community to be empowered about self-care during the pandemic. The topics discussed were as follows:

  • August 2020 – 5 Determinants of Health
  • September 2020 – Mindfulness in Corporate Practice• October 2020 – Community Care

Currently, we still provide help through free virtual consultations to guide and assist patients,

especially to those who have limitation in access to healthcare facilities.









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