Student Announcements

ID-wearing of students, employees, and visitors

Date              :    4 July 2017
Memo to      :    The Ateneo Professional Schools community
From            :    Atty. Sedfrey M. Candelaria
   Officer in Charge, Office of the Vice President for the Professional Schools
   Dean, Ateneo Law School
Subject         :    ID-wearing of students, employees, and visitors


As part of our efforts in enhancing our community’s safety and security, we ask students, faculty members, non-teaching staff to wear their University-issued IDs at all times while in campus.

Guests and service providers are issued visitor IDs before they are allowed entry and must also wear these while they are in our buildings. We encourage our community members to alert our security personnel and administrators of persons who seem to be loitering the campus specially those not wearing visitor IDs.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Cc: Dean Rodolfo P. Ang (AGSB)
Dean Sedfrey M. Candelaria (ALS)
Dean Manuel D. Dayrit (ASMPH)
Dean Antonio G.M. La Viña (ASoG)
APS Library
FMO Rockwell