Master in Entrepreneurship

(Social Enterprise Development)

About the Program

The Master in Entrepreneurship program in Social Enterprise Development Track (MESEDEV) of the AGSB and the ACE Center for Entrepreneurship and Management Education is a comprehensive learning-by-doing program consisting of a total of 90 days class sessions spread over three 6-month modules and mentoring sessions. It targets real-life entrepreneurs who want to pursue further enterprise growth while improving their individual skills – repeating their successes with greater accuracy and committing fewer errors.

The MESEDEV is composed of THREE BUILDING BLOCKS and FIVE LEARNING DOMAINS. Modules 1 to 3 have duration of approximately six months each with a predominant theme for each module:
• Module 1: Preparing for Entrepreneurship and Self-Enhancement
• Module 2: Creating and Running the Enterprise and Self-Engagement
• Module 3: Growing the Enterprise and Self-Enlightenment

Each module is further dissected into five learning domains. The domains are the five thematic pillars of the ME course. These are the:

• Entrepreneuring Domain
• Self-Mastery Domain
• Functional Management Domain
• Strategic Planning and Management Domain
• Business Plan Domain

These domains will be strategically sequenced within each module, as their various topics and sub-topics become prequels to the preparation of the module’s integrative work, which is, the submission of components of and the whole Business Plan.

For this specific run of the ME Program, focus will be on social enterprise development considering that the target participants will be founders, executive directors and general managers of social enterprises. Thus, the course will be adopting the same ME design and curriculum except that the cases and readings that will be used are more concentrated towards social entrepreneurship.

Other topics, case studies and course materials may be included in the program by the Program Director and/or Curriculum Designer in order to further enhance the learning of participants. Participants of the program will be required to make a presentation and defend their action papers and outputs at the end of each module before they move on to the next module.




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