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Assessing the 1st Year of the Duterte Administration: Winners and Challenges



This briefing will provide an analysis of what has transpired in the first year of President Duterte.  With the economy taking a less prominent role to the Drug challenge and Criminality, it is imperative to look into the details of how it has performed.  Specifically, the briefing will cover critical policies, the Philippine Development Plan, an analysis of the tax reform and infrastructure program, among others.  It looks into the details of the current growth process taking into consideration changes in the global climate led by BREXIT, ASEAN and Trump and the local challenges due to the ISIS and the peace process.  The impact on OFWs, BPOs and Tourism will also be highlighted considering its direct implication on the main engines of the country’s growth path.  The briefing concludes with critical analysis of how to sustain growth and finding the right balances for expansion under a new foreign policy approach.  A look at the sweet spot and how it will or can derail growth in the future.


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