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AGSB-Center for Continuing Education Career-Opportunities

Exciting career opportunities await for you in the Ateneo Graduate School of Business – Center for Continuing Education.


Marketing Services Group Head (MSGH)
Group Head for Administrative Support Services (Human Resource, Finance and Property Management)
Institute Manager for a Prestigious International Partner
Corporate Branding and Graphic Designer



Position: Marketing Services Group Head (MSGH)

Basic Function

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Marketing Services Group Head is an administrative position that will formulate and implement a Marketing Plan encompassing the Program Development and Business Development initiatives of the Center.

Specifically the MSGH will ensure the development and improvement of various program/course offerings of the Center and assess its implementation and effectiveness. To focus on different ways to improve content and learning outcomes. Program improvements are made through continuous research and follow through of program evaluation and feedback. To help rationalize and align both current and new course offerings, consistent and aligned with the thrust and objective of the Graduate School of Business.

The MSGH will also be responsible for continuous assessment, selection and recruitment of Industry experts and Resource Persons consistent to the Center’s thrust of excellence and integrity.

Principal Functions and Responsibilities

On Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

  1. In consultation with the Executive Director and other Business Unit Directors, to develop a Program Development plan (as it applies) and a Marketing Plan to promote the different courses of the CCE. The plan will set out objectives and specific activities for the other departments, developed in the context of the organization’s strategic and operating plans, ensuring that the efforts, resources and time are utilized in a manner that provides the greatest return to the organization.
  2. Spearheads institutional promotions, conceptualization and design of localized marketing collaterals for all CCE business units/programs that successfully deliver information and key messages to the intended audience.
  3. Ensures that CCE’s image and position to its target market are aptly and consistently articulated across all communications- print, website and electronic media.
  4. Manages the over-all design and content of the website and social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, FB, etc), including the Center’s CRM platform.
  5. On event management, ensures all are planned to capture the attention of the intended audience. Manages the production of each event ensuring the achievement of the event’s goal and appropriate sponsorships are achieved (whenever applicable) in a creative, timely and cost efficient manner.
  6. Prepares sponsorship contracts for marketing events and business development opportunities.
  7. Prepare weekly marketing reports.

On Product/Program Development

  1. On Program Management:
  2. On new course/program development:
  • Manage the wide array of existing course offerings of the Center, attuned with the demands and requirements of the industry.
  • Ensure regular curriculum review.
  • Ensure appropriate match of Resource Persons or Industry experts.
  • Spearhead the RP selection and continuous recruitment and keep an updated database.
  • Plan the regular schedule of Public Courses including the timely offering of new initiatives.
  • Conduct industry studies on the varying needs of firms, industries and sectors and design development programs based on identified needs.
  •  Identify and monitor existing and emerging needs in the market.
  •  Recommend gaps or opportunities where new programs can be developed based on developments in the industry and business requirement of the workplace professionals.
  • Established collaboration with the chosen or appropriate Program Director, Resource Persons and industry partner in the creation and development of programs.
  • Regular monitoring of results of program runs to ensure effectiveness and relevance as well asadept to current realities and trends.
  • To ensure alignment with the AGSB’s thrust and the Center’s goals and objectives. 

Budget and Finance

  • Prepares the annual marketing budget and monitors actual performance versus projections.
  • Provides justification to procurement requirements and ensures prompt liquidation of cash advances for marketing events.

People Management

  • Consults/coordinates with OHRMOD officials and Admin Servives Group Head on regulations and policies pertaining to recruitment of new hires and retention concerns of existing staff.
  •  Identifies future talent requirements and guides staff in proactively sourcing and recruiting for talent pool.
  • Provides strong, effective and highly visible leadership to the Marketing and Program Development team in order to capitalize on the full potential of this most critical resource. Ensures that all staff is stimulated, motivated and guided to contribute fully to the realization of the Center’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. Empowers employees to identify innovative approaches to enhance organizational performance.
  • Establish and implement, together with the Executive Director and Admin Services Group Head, a performance management system.
  • Counsels staff on performance of role and immediately corrects deviations from target.
  • Develops training and developmental plans and interventions for staff.
  •  Discusses with the Dean performance of team members in relation to succession planning.
  • Determines the appropriate work schedule and monitors staff attendance.
  • Performs all tasks assigned by the Executive Director

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

 The individual must be a strong communicator, have excellent written, presentation, oral communications and interpersonal skills.  Able to collaborate and work with a diverse group of individual and institution. Must possess strong leadership skills, be able to motivate and influence others. Able to think creatively and strategically, have excellent judgment and be able to work in a changing environment.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  1. Equivalent number of years of experience in the same post, an advantage
  2. Holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, an advantage
  3. Able to design and expand training development programs.
  4. Knowledgeable on how social media, search, video, conversions and analytics work in the                        marketing mix.
  5. Excellent communication skills (written and oral)
  6. 6.Leadership, management and people handling skills
  7. Exposure in both corporate and educational setting

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Position: Group Head for Administrative Support Services (Human Resource, Finance and Property Management)

Department: Administrative Services Group

Basic Function

Reporting to the Executive Director, this hands-on position oversees finance, administration/operations, risk management, human resources and facilities management of the Administrative Services Group.

In this role, s/he will also work closely with the other CCE departments to strengthen and guide their overall operational direction to support and develop the metrics and analytics needed to track and measure progress toward departmental, project and overall organizational goals and to ensure the continued growth and success of the organization. S/he will be a critical member of the Management Team, which is responsible for the strategic and thoughtful decision making in the Center.

S/he must be able to adapt to a continually evolving environment and thrive in an independent and deadline-oriented workplace. This position also serves as the financial point of contact for the CCE ManCom Team in developing capacity on operational planning and budgeting of the different CCE department and other financial matters.

Principal Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Budget and Finance
  2.   Provide inputs in the planning of the Center’s Targets (both revenues and expenses).
  3.  Proactively ensure to provide financial and operational support plan to various new opportunities of the Center (ie. new projects, new partners, new business units, etc)
  4.  Discusses with University Officials (i.e. University Bursar, Director/Asst Director of CAO, Asst to OVPTF for Budget, etc) various CCE concerns and consults identified solutions before implementation.


  1. Property Management


  1. Facilities
  2. Supplies and equipment


  1. Policy and Risk Management


  1. Human Resource


  1. Talent Acquisition
  2. Performance Management
  3. Timekeeping

Minimum Requirements:

 -Equivalent number of years of experience in the same post, an advantage

-Holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, an advantage

-Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

-Leadership, management and people handling skills

-Exposure in both corporate and educational setting

-High emotional quotient

-Good negotiation skills


Position: Institute Manager for a Prestigious International Partner

Basic Function:

 – Responsible to the Advisory Council for the establishment, operation and the day to day management of the partner Institute

-Leading, directing, planning, managing, reporting and implementing the business of the partner Institute

-Responsible for the daily administration of the partner including implementing the policies of the Advisory Council

-Reporting to the Advisory Council, assume responsibility for the financial performance, profitability and good governance of the partner Institute

-Responsible for establishing the business of the partner Institute under the direction and policies of the Advisory Council

-Responsible for overseeing the redevelopment of the building and facilities in order for the commencement of activities of the partner Institute

-Management of the day-to-day operations

-Improve and maintain the quality of services provided by the Institute reflecting the reputation of excellence associated with the partner Institute and Ateneo

-Co-ordinate and achieve agreed business objectives to optimize the productivity, profitability and development of operations

-Develop initiatives to maximize the service delivery and quality of the existing operation and implement agreed plans for future financial sustainability

-Ensure the quality and efficiency of delivery services, including capacity limitations, teaching quality necessary to service the agreed curricula, level of teaching support, student management and administration resources assigned to the programmes

-Recommend and, to the extent approved by the Advisory Council, implement recruitment and sales activities to substantially increase the number of students for the benefit of the partner Institute

-Generally in performing the duties as a company ambassador, marketing representative and public relations spokesman, to contribute to the recognition of the partner Institute

-To advise and make recommendation to the Advisory Council with respect to ways of developing the interests of the partner Institute

-Generally to carry out all other duties which the Advisory Council may from time to time reasonably consider appropriate to be undertaken by position


Position: Corporate Branding and Graphic Designer

Department: Marketing Services Group

Basic Function:

Under the supervision of the Marketing Services Support Group Head, the Design Specialist must understand the message/concept requirements of various programs and initiatives of CCE (PO courses, In-house courses, Institutional partnerships, etc) and interprets these through visually appealing and creative content using current programs/software on a variety of media (print, digital, video) – aligned with the university branding standards and partner institutions, as applicable.

Principal Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Conceptualizes and designs materials such as:
  2. Print (flyers, brochures, programs, invitations and other material production request) and the timely update of course related entries (schedules, price, location, etc) through the website, shared brochure folder and regular printed brochure requirement.
  3. Digital output for web (icons, web headers, announcements) to be used across all communication channels and easy public. Dissemination and the timely update of website entries.
  4. Develop multimedia tools for course promotions , such as presentation materials for all programs to be used during client calls.
  5. Documents various events through photos and videos.
  6. Produces video and online content for various media channels (website, e-mail marketing, Youtube, Facebook).
  7. Produces materials for the Luxid (LED) Infoboard.
  8. Provide a weekly status report on various creative projects and implementations done.
  9. Perform all other tasks assigned by the Marketing Group Head.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must be knowledgeable in any of the following programs/software such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere (video editing), Basic HTML, After Effects and LightroomBasic
  • With Photography experience
  • Must be able to communicate,  interpret and present ideas clearly
  • Can work independently and as a part of the team
  • Ability to manage multiple projects efficiently and effectively

Minimum Requirements:

 -Graduate of a 4-year degree course

-With 1-2 years of Graphic Design experience


Position: Training Associate

Department: Training Support Group

Basic Function

Training Associate will provide direct, close-in support to each faculty/resource person before, during and the actual training conduct.

Principal Functions and Responsibilities:

-Training account management for public and in-house programs;

-Collate projected training expense and request for operational budget;

-Prepare training support requirements, i.e. supplies and logistics;

-Coordinate with sales’ pre-training requirements for every training account;

-Assist the resource person in the preparation of presentation materials and course handouts;

-Handle communication and course requirement to and from the participants and/or clients   and the resource person;

-Gather relevant inputs/information (logistics, materials, facilities, equipment) before, during and after the course delivery;

-Prepare for after event (post training report, evaluation summary) and financial report for each program run; and,

-Perform all other tasks assigned by the Training Support Services Group Head.

Minimum Requirements:

-Bachelors/ Degree

-Preferably with a minimum of one (1) year working experience in a related field

Interested applicants may submit their updated resume to



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